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Cakes celebrating grown up occasions
The Rose Cake
Each rose is individually hand made then painted and steamed to seal the deep red colour.
The Rose Cake 1.
The Rose Cake
The leaves are all edible fondant styled on real leaves. The roses are set off by hand made sprays of fondant gypsophilia.
The Rose Cake 2.
Cricket runs in the family

Happy birthday on the green
The Orange Rose Cake

The decoration is hand painted.
The Orange Rose Cake.
Rose Cup Cakes

Cup cakes are a modern alternative to a traditional wedding cake.
Rose Cup Cakes.
VW Wheel

When you don't want to worry about a spare tyre.
VW Wheel
Chocolate Web

A swirl of dark and white chocolate.
mmmm Chocolate
Flower detail

Each stamen is individually crafted by Sally.
Hand made flowers.
5 Part Wedding Cake

Allows the cake to be distributed among the guest tables.
Alternative Wedding Cake Ideas.
Bedtime Story

Tracey Emmin or 50 shades of purple?
The bedtime story.
Red and White Roses

A classical rose cake.
Red and White Rose Cake
Red and White Roses

Each rose is hand made and coloured.
Red and White Rose Cake
Makeup Bags



More Hand Made Roses

Framed Hand Made Roses

rose detail
Plane and Pilot
(note the photos of the recipient)

More Makeup Bags

makeup bags
Number shapes are always popular

When the going gets tough
The tough go shopping

Black and White Teapot

Emma Ballerina's 18th Birthday

Royal Academy - here I come
Horses for Pudding Courses

8 Black and White Horses
Horseshoe Wedding Centrepiece
The Bride and Groom share a love of horses - and cake.
A pair of horseshoes make a wedding display to be admired
Horseshoe Wedding Centrepiece
The September wedding is represented the hand made and hand painted leaves.
A pair of horseshoes make a wedding display to be admired
Tiny Christmas Trees

Individual gingerbread Christmas trees, each about 4 inches high.
Tiny Christmas Trees

Each tree is uniquely hand decorated
Christmas tree and wreath decoration

A cake for the family or office party
Pearlescent green Cadillac

A replica of the customer's ride
Pearlescent green Cadillac

A cake for the Cadillac enthusiast
An alternative Christmas Tree

Simple, elegant and sponge or fruitcake.
Charity Cake

A cake donated to the McMillan Biggest Coffee Morning event
Christmas Santa Cake

Naughty and Nice
Christmas Santa Cake

viewed from above
Christmas Silhouette (Red)

in the style of Josiah Wedgewood
Christmas Silhouette (Blue)

available in the colour and style of your choosing
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